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Thread: Artificial Intelligence

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Did a quick search of the boards, and came up with nothing on this, so if it's been posted before I'm sorry.

    The website for the movie AI has a pretty neat AI interface called Chatbot.

    Find it here: http://www.aimovie.com

    It's fun asking ALICE different questions to see what her capabilities are.

    For instance: I asked her what the three laws of robotics are, and got an interesting response. Asimov is turning in his grave.

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    That is kinda cool and asimov surely is turning over in his grave. Oh my god i love the answers theese things give you.

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    Pretty funny.

    I don't have a lot of time right now but I'll have to come back later and play around with it.

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    Ouch. That is a harsh answer. And it seemed so friendly at first. Flee, flee! Before they revolt!
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