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Thread: Multimedia Phone a privacy threat?

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    Talking Multimedia Phone a privacy threat?

    Some ppl definitly can't accept new technologies.

    Full article here "Our concern is really with the current generation of mobile phones in that they have Web-cams built into them," said Royal Life Saving Society of Victoria chief executive, Norm Farmer.
    "They're so small and compact; we're concerned about people's privacy, and private parts being shown to all and sundry".
    And Australian surf lifesaving associations have appeared at the centre of that debate before. It became heated last year when photographs of teenage volunteer life savers were published on an erotic Web site.
    "A beach is public place and someone wants to get changed down into the nude on a beach they do so knowingly that it's a public place and then anything can happen," said Farmer.
    What the point?
    Digital camera had been around for a while. And ppl that had been privacy abused on beach or whatever public places happens all the time with legacy camera (even by news paper & TV!!!).
    Does some ppl would like us to be back in the Middle age???

    If the debate goes in favour of privacy advocates law makers could be a difficult position of having to reconsider all the spaces in which it is aceptable to use a mobile phone fitted with a camera.
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    Wow sounds like a bunch of peoplew with nothing better to do than try to screw things up for everybody. What the hell do they think they are going to acomplish? Do you really think nokia and qualcom ect ect are going to stop manufacturing these new phones just because somebody wants to bitch about them????

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    You know there always has to be someone out there that takes something and blows it up. True cameras have been around for how long now? LOL come on this is nothing new. It's just a new technology makes them smaller and now even kids carry them around. I think it would be pretty funny to see a ban on phones that have cameras. What next, no more Compact Flash camera addons for PDA's? Or why not make it so no one can take a camera into a beach, I mean that sounds fair right?

    There are somethings that can't be controlled. This camera issue is just like the AP system here at AO. We use it because it's there, some people take advantage of it and use it in "bad" ways. You can't help that. If they really wanted to do something about it, stop complaining about the technology, and start cracking down on the people who "expose" what should not be (IE... go after the porn sites or people who use camera's to invade people's privacy). That to me sounds more logical. Because personally if I had a phone with a camera on it, I think it would be cool to be able to snap pictures of people doing stupid stuff or what not and send to my friends. And would be pretty upset if I heard someone complaining about it and maybe even the thought of the technology being banned.

    I know "banning" is kind of an oversight, but it's what it just seems like everyone wants to do whenever they oppose something.

    That's my view, I think that people should sit back more and look at the overall problem. And not just attack the direct source (like the camera) but firugre out a way of being able to keep what is useful and stop what is not.
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    AciDriveHB said
    I know "banning" is kind of an oversight, but it's what it just seems like everyone wants to do whenever they oppose something.
    In the middle ages, they banned what ever religion, that they weren't. In the 1920's they banned all alcohol. In some parts of the country (USA) they ban any book they think is a bit risque or lewd.
    Of course, they will try to ban almost any new technology. If the ultra-conserveratives (not in the political sense) new of AO.....they would try to ban it.......as a hot bed of hackers and crackers. Just because they will not even try to see a good use for it, and/or they don't understand it.

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    Re: Multimedia Phone a privacy threat?

    In the Netherlands we have a shop called the spy shop.
    So if they thinking about banning those phones.........What about this????????

    http://www.spyshop.nl/products/verbcam.htm Dutch link

    English link http://www.spyshop.nl/products/hiddcam.htm
    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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