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Thread: AP new feature - u like it?

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    Nov 2002

    AP new feature - u like it?

    as u may noticed since today in the antipoint center APs includes now the poster name.
    (official annoucement )

    I'm not sure that will cope neg abuse since AP goal is to regulate AO membership basing on quality posts.
    ppl who get negged will get a revange feeling and may neg back. This will be an AP abuse since neg won't be a targeting crappy posts but AO members.

    I've seen many times post with a vote script. I'd never start such a thread and I think that's definitly the moment to write one, in order to get a general AO member feeling of that new feature.
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    AO Security for Non-Geeks tonybradley's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    I see your point, but I still think this will help the system.

    I think that knowing you are not anonymous and may be held accountable will make people think twice about both their positive and their negative posts.

    Even for the neg AP's, hopefully having a name associated will push people to provide more useful comments. If you get negged and it actually has some constructive criticism rather than profanity or no comment at all maybe the more rational of us would be less likely to resort to a retaliatory posture.

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    Memphis, TN
    Seeing who gives you a neg almost gives you a a "revenge" feeling. I fear that some people will neg back at the ones who gave them the neg.

    But maybe it will stop AP abuse.

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    Priapistic Monk KorpDeath's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Well I guess some measure of maturity is needed then, isn't it?

    Retribution is inevitable but if people start that death spiral of trying to "get back" at everyone, they'll soon learn that it doesn't pay.

    I'm all for attaching names to antipoints. Hell, it saves me time typing in my nick.
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    Nov 2002
    Intmon an AO admin published the following thread URL=http://www.antionline.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=630668#post630668]ongoing AP abuse[/URL]

    Some are going to far as to team up with other members to neg folks, and some have created several user names and are negging with each of those user names. We know, as we've compared the IP addresses of said posters. This will not be tolerated. Going forward, if we catch anyone using two user names to neg another user, or ganging up to neg users as a team, they will be instantly banned and removed from the system, and will thus lose any APs they have
    Does this counter measure enough?

    By showing names folks will hesitates to neg ppl with a greater number of pos. coz the neg back will be very harmful.
    I think this new feature is unfair especially for newbies. 1 possible consequence is that nobody will neg others (except ppl with huge pos). That's mean more or less that the AP system is not a real AO regulator...

    But maybe am I too pessimistic...
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    I love it. I finally found out who had been negging me needlessly with rude comments. I have no intention of negging them back, but it was nice to send a note to them via PM and tell them to stop, to share my feelings about it and move on. I feel somewhat justified. You're not going to have the people hiding behind the system anymore. If they feel strongly enough about a post then they'll neg it and it will probably be a more responsible choice rather than just passing them out for no reason whatsoever, just to balance.

    KorpDeath is right...there is a level of maturity to this new system. There should have been in the beginning, but every system is open to abuse, especially when it's anonymous.

    Even if people try to get back at others for valid AP comments (which might add another job to the moderation/admin team as far as mediation) it will be stopped and someone may even lose their account for abuse.

    Thank you Jupiter for this cool feature. I'm very happy about it.

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    BS, EnCE, ACE, Cellebrite 11001001's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Just West of Beantown, though nobody from Beantown actually calls it "Beantown."
    I totally agree with the new system.

    I also don't think we need to worry too much about revengist attitudes. People who get negged from now on more than likely will deserve it, because those doing the negging will know that their name will be attached. If someone feels that they have been negged unjustly, they probably won't go negging for retribution because they also know that their name will be attached.

    I also think that less people will be so quick to throw around the negs knowing that their name will go with their assignment.

    Lastly, I think that this opens up new doors for people who do feel they have been unjustly negged. They now have the option of sending a PM to the user who negged them with their exact thoughts on the matter. No more "I have a question about an antipoints assignment" messages. Now you can say, "Hey, I made a mistake. There's no need to neg me into all damnation for that."

    My $.02
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    Now, RFC Compliant! Noia's Avatar
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    I don't know, theres been loads of posts on this subject and the general feeling or the way I feelt the general feeling was, is that it shouldn't force you to name who you are..simply because it leaves Newbies exposed for example, if some ne new, with a tiny ammount of AP's wants to Neg a 11dot senior for something, that senior could turn around and dump a huge amount of Negs on a person...
    theres a million different permutations where being Anon helps alot, and I for one belive that this is gona lead to further flaming wars and all kinds of trouble.

    - Noia
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    Mar 2003
    I kind of have a problem with this. Sure it's good for positive AP's, but I think you will see that a lot of people will be hesitent to neg anyone for fear of retribution. I can see both sides of the argument, but like Networker said, the lowbies/newbies won't dare to neg a Senior/Addict because of the retribution that can be slapped down. There are some people here that carry enough weight to singlehandedly ban a newbie/lowbie if they felt like it.

    This could be bad...

    oh and for those of you all for self regulation/maturity I would like to point you to the Full Disclosure mailing list. In the past week it has become decidedly apparent that self regulation does NOT always work. That list has gone down hill so fast it's not even funny. Hopefully it will recover, but I would sincerely hate to see AO go through the same thing they are over there.

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    Senior Member gore's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    I love it. I only got to see one of the people that was negging me blankly because iv gotten more since then but at least i saw one name. I think itll stop the abuse, most people going around negging EVERYONE will now think twice, and if they want to neg a post theyll at least include a reason now, even if its just there name....at least this way you can actually PM them and ask why they did it. Im all for it.

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