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Thread: Beware the Inside Job

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    Beware the Inside Job

    As security people we probably all now that lots of security threats occur from the inside.

    Below is just a small quote of the introduction of a quit large article from extremetech to be found here.

    Certainly 99% of people are honest, but it takes just one who is not - in any business. The majority of inventory shrinkage in many stores comes from trusted employees; most of the money lost in banks is not from armed robbery, but embezzlement; and most press leaks in government come from staffers with an agenda.
    It is a quit long read though but I thought this should be shared with the AO community.
    It not only talks about how intrusion occurs but also about ways to protect yourself from it.


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    there was a research that was done way back about the biggest security threat has always been more from the internal versus external. most security related books and seminars always emphasize the internal measures more than external...


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    inside information is always helpful when trying to gain access from the outside. Thats why when ever I set up a server I always inform clients of the importance of security... Whats really funny is talking to professionals at security conferences most of them say, "Oh we're secure we have passwords." -JHollings

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    Thx n00dle

    the bigest security hazard is between the keyboard and the chair..

    YEAH YOU !!

    That's why most companies (big ones dealing with loads of money) do thorough background checks on who they hire..

    Smaller companies usualy don't have the resources to do those kind of investigations, and especialy with the summer and all them college kids wanting to earn a few bucks extra it's something not to be overlooked..

    I could tell you all a story about how I paid for my lowlands tickets a couple of years ago... but on the other hand, that wouldn't be good for my security
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