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Thread: floppy based linux... question?

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    floppy based linux... question?

    does anyone have experience w/ floppy based linux OS's ... which one hase more features... even if you don't know many let us know about you experience w/ the one you used... i'm planning to write a tutorial but i realliy want some opinions 1st

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    wow, how small can it get... i haven't used anything remotely to that except knoppix. you have any links for us to check out or is this like brand spanking new idea?


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    Its not new, pico bsd http://people.freebsd.org/~picobsd/picobsd.html ( well nix not linux if that still fills your boots) an os on a 1.44 floppy
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    Have you check out this http://www.toms.net/rb/ ?
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    I`ve played around with Trinux ( http://trinux.sourceforge.net/ ) which is pretty good and can be floppy based. It also comes with a number of opensource security tools.
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    There's a site where you can download Minux and a manual to get it working.


    Or try the book "Operating Systems: Design and Implementation" by Andrew S. Tanenbaum in this book you can find lots of information about operating systems and filesystems.

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    In the past I have used the one sweet_angel linked

    It's a minimal linux distro with very little options.. It's realy usable when you lose your box's root password and have the ability to add options to your boot in lilo disabled..

    Don't have any expectations of being able to do anything but the most basic stuff though..
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    You can look for Floppix, which has the kernel on one boot disk and everything else on the other. Or you look for BasicLinux, which can be run off the Win partition, or put on to 2 floppies.
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    There is one project very interesting:
    The Linux Router Project, the principe of it is a distro including routing algorythm that can fit into a floppy.

    have a look at http://www.linuxrouter.org/
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    Freesco is a single-floppy router which supports

    Routing up to 3 ethernet, 3 dial-up (modem only) interfaces. Multiple dial-in accounts. DNS server, DHCP server, web management interface, telnet management interface. It also has a firewall built-in and the manager automatically sets up rules to do NAT and protect most services from access via the external interface(s).


    I've built several of my own Linux distributions on a single floppy. Generally you can do quite a lot with one floppy, but graphics is the hard bit, it's difficult to fit X in, so you can only do graphics without X, which restricts your options.

    I did however, manage to make a one-disc graphical web browser, which used the graphical version of the "links" browser - although I had to cut a lot of corners. In particular, fonts had to go to make room.


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