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Thread: PC World Tests AV and Spyware Software

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    PC World Tests AV and Spyware Software

    I just stumbled across this while checking out PC World's website. It is a newly released test of some popular Anti-virus software as well as a test of some anti-spyware software. Just thought I would give you all the link, it seems to be a rather thourough test. HERE is the article, enjoy!
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    well... thanks for the article ...its interesting how every AV can catch a virus the other one didnt.... its just like with Spybot and Ad-aware .. you can scan with ad-aware first and remove the spyware ...then you can scan with Spybot and it'll find some more ....

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    Well at least for F-Secure which I am using they do not know what they writing. It has no schedule....yes but there is a schedule on WXP..which someone can use.....
    Scan at startup is be done silently...even they did not notice.
    And yeah!!!!! good results they just make comments of the University's benchmarks only. I think when the Chief's dept Uni reads this article will never even talk to them....
    Such a pitty.....
    In conclusion...I have not offended by the article for the product I use but due to the fact that I used to be freelance writer myself and reading some Greek articles I can spot easily if they know what they doing!!!!
    That was all folks!

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    Just goes to show you the almighty advertising dollar rules where rational thought is absent.

    my 2 cents.
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