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Thread: only the last 10?

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    only the last 10?

    I have heard many people say they do not like the fact that, now that the new AP system is in effect in which you can now see who has assigned those AP's to you, that you can only view the last 10, so my question to you JupMedia or whoever is in charge here nowadays, is what can you or what are wyou willing to do to make us happy and make it so we can view AP's from any post that we have made, be it one that we made a year ago? I think alot of people would be very pleased if you made it so you can view all the AP's a member has recieved. But, as with any suggestion, i need you, the AO members, to say weather or not youd like to see this feature or not, and JupMedia can take there stance from the majority vote.
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    Well here's the direct question, are you asking to see all the AP's you've given out, recieved, or both?

    Honestly why would it really matter to see the AP's you got/gave a year ago? The only thing I can think of is for people to go throuhg and see who all gave them negative AP's and then start a fight about it or something. Listing the last 10, to me, seems like a good way of doing it. Plus you are not eating up a ton of database space that doesn't need to be used.

    Just a thought...

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    I agree with acid.
    There has to be a cut-off point where bygones are allowed to be bygones.
    I mean, aside from getting back at people who negged you a long time ago, what good would that data do? I think it's past the point of saying, "who gave me that neg for no reason," if it's off the last 10.
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    I mean, aside from getting back at people who negged you a long time ago, what good would that data do?
    I agree with both of you. That is what I was think when I was reading the suggestion. Just took the words out of my month . Just throwing in my opinion.

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    another reason why u dont NEED to have all record of APs .... just look at your Antipoints center every 2nd day ... and you'll know who gave you negs and positive APs... you dont need to see them over and over again when you visit your AP center ....

    BTW: no body asked for this update earlier .... now people want to see who negged them to neg 'em back... thats just plain bullshi* ..

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