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Thread: Something Really Weird and Confusing

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    Something Really Weird and Confusing

    Ok... I was messing around with the C Prompt with some friend and I have my own free hosting account at www.fateback.com. boogie.deep-ice.com. Anyways I was wondering what would happen if I logged onto my Ftp through a C Promt. Here is exactly what I said.

    [gloworange]C:\Documents and Setting... Blah Blah>ftp ftp.deep-ice.com
    Connected to cool2.fateback.com.
    220 FTP Server Ready.
    User <cool2.fateback.com:<none>>: dev/nul (saw this in a book and tried... im dumb though)
    331 Password Required for dev/nul.
    530 Login Incorrect.
    Login failed
    ftp> >[/gloworange]

    Please lemme know what I just did. Thanks please dont flame. Eek...


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    http://www.tpdigital.com/ftptutorial/dosftp/dosftp.html step-by-step login explanation

    http://cyberknights.ucf.edu/ftp.html ( ftp ms-dos commands )

    i think you entered the login information wrong ....

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    Acquire your login info first budday.


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    Please lemme know what I just did. Thanks please dont flame. Eek...
    When you are talking about dev/nul you are probably thinking of dev/null.

    Think about dev/null as a black hole, what ever you put in there or pipe too it gets sucked in and wont ever come back out again.

    To answer you question:
    You Tried to login as user "dev/nul".

    I am guessing there is no such user on the ftp, there could be, but I dont think there is
    If there is such a user, you probably entered the wrong passwd for the account.
    And thus the login failed.
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    Well I actually wasnt trying to login to my FTP. I know how to do that with my GUI Ftp client. My friend just told me to try that so...

    Thanks for the information and help though! ^_^

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    Just enter in your user name and password, and you can FTP
    just as well as if you were using the GUI.

    In fact, all real gurus at least know how to do things from a
    command prompt, even if they customarily use the GUI day to day.
    It is a good exercise for the mind.
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