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Thread: Computer messed

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    The programs are proably in your startup. The easiest way is gonna be crossrefrece google with the process you killed and find out what programs they are. If you already know, then just unistall them. If for some reason you wish to keep them. Most windows machines allow acces to the startup via, start run msconfig. It is self explanitory once you get there. Also depending on your knowledge, it wouldn't hurt to take a look at the registry. access it from the same start run point. just type regedit .Correct me I'm wrong but it is. Hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/current_version/RUN. These are also files that startup, when the explorer shell loads. Now I recommend you export this run folder and save it somewhere. File to export and then type a file name, and then save it. Now if you screw it you can simply merge this entry back into your registry. There are other ways to restore the registry. However if you are gonna hack at a line at a time. Then this method should work fine.
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    Well, we need more info. When you say you killed processes and then ask us how to make them stop permanently, we need to know what the processes are. In addition several people have inquired as to what program you ran and from what security site. The answer to that question is needed if, indeed, that is what caused the problem (which it sounds like, as you have stated that's when the problem started).

    What are the processes you killed?
    What security site did you go to?
    What program did you install and run?
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    There is a registry key you should always look at when you have mysterious
    processes running.

    HKLM->software->microsoft->windows->current version->run

    Processes that start on boot will often be named there. If you see
    something that looks strange, enter its name into a GOOGLE
    search, to see what people on the net have to say about it.

    If it is a trojan, search about methods of removal.
    I found a neat program that helps manage the progs
    that run on startup. It's more user-friendly than editing
    the registry.

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    "Now I want to ask u a question: do u see linux as an alternative to
    windows??? (I mean if my windows give me problems, i go and install Linux?)"

    Definatley Mandrake and Redhat are good choices so is Knoppix and
    Libranet & though the developers don't offer a free iso anymore Libranet
    in my opinion still a great newbie distro www.libranet.com it's based on
    Debian with a really simplistic install because Knoppix and Libranet are
    Debian you never have to worry about upgrading just type
    apt-get upgrade and it fetches the latest release.


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    Click "Start", "Run", type msconfig, & hit Enter... Select the "Startup" tab & uncheck all the processes that you don't want to run when your computer starts up... I know this works on 98, ME, & XP but, I can't remember if it's the same for 2000... Try it though.

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    I had the same problem with afew ATI drivers. I had deleted the line in the Startup Manager then had to edit the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ATI Technologies\, and in the sub-keys set 1's instead of the 0 defaults - in order for it to stop loading the processes every time I restarted.

    If you're not that confident with editing the registries and you know what the tasks are that are causing your problems, there is a simple "user" web site that I have found handy from time to time www.answersthatwork.com They have an "in house" Task List database that lists a number of these programs and whether they have found them useful or not etc. along with removal instructions (if recommended)
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