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    One thing I've noticed on my computer is I have a normal CD/DVD drive and a CD-RW drive. The cds I burn with my CD-RW as data disks for backup purposes will not play in my CD/DVD drive. My computer will tell me there is no cd in the drive. So every time I reformat and install my back up disks, I have to use the CD-RW drive to back up personally made CDs.
    If the CD you are using is not factory then I would be pretty sure this is why this is happening to you.
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    If the CD drive that isn't working properly is in fact the AOpen, I wouldn't be surprised. We got a batch of them here where I work and they have been failing left and right. Stuff like the belts breaking as well as your problem, the drive just starts failing to recognize it has a CD inside. If this is the drive in question, I highly recommend a better drive. Having had to deal with this problem here, I will probably NEVER buy an AOpen optical drive for my own rig.

    Hope this is of some help
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    What CD-R media are you using? Sometimes certain medias just won't work. Though I've found that out more for trying to play audio CDs in older CD-players than anything

    I know some CDs won't read due to the fact of how fast it was written (as I've been told) in certain CD-players/ROMs.
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    I already disconnect all the related hardware, but the problem still occured. If I connect the CDROM Drive to another system, the problem nothing at all... All the hardware in my systems already updated but the problem still occur, I don't know why?

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    And If you connect another CD-ROM to your system??.. I think you have eliminated something.. next step..

    Is there some software that you are installing along the way.. seeing as you seem to have no problem just after a clean install.. this will be the next step.. eliminate software.. one programm at a time..

    Like I had a lot of trouble with my DVD-ROM not recognising cds or dvd'd..due to my fiddling with Clone CD.. (a background component was causing the hassel)
    I can only recomend my approach used with effect with win9x (and can still chace gremlins in Xpee) ..
    1/ Test the system.. is system OK?
    2/ Yes .. Install Next software on list..
    3/ Test system.. is it OK?
    4/ Yes.. RESTART Systtem..
    5/ Test System.. is system OK?
    6/ Yes .. Restart
    7/ GoTo 1
    Pain in the arse.? yes but it helps to find which of the programms was causing a problem.. or more likly narrowed the list if the suspicion of interaction problems.. like the ppl who manage to get IN-CD and Direct CD running on a system at the same time.... I cant seem to do it.. and there reply when asked.."I don't know how that gott on there" .. or "Gee I think it came like that" yetch..

    sry JohnHACK.. I BS on a bit.. next step.. (I suspect someone else may have already mentioned this.. I'm too lazy to re read the thread) have a look at your start up progs as well as Non M$ Services.. Give us a list of the startup progs (you know how to do that..don't you?..
    Start-Run... Type "msconfig" OK.. select the Startup TAB.. )..there are prog to do this like Belarc (i think that is the spelling)

    I am puzzelled.. where does SP 1 come into your problem??? or is that just the OEM/Retail version you have?

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    The program Und3ertak3r is reffering to I believe is belarc advisor and can be downloaded from: http://belarc.com/free_download.html

    The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, including Microsoft Hotfixes, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server

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    Thanks all...... I Appreciate your information....

    JohnHACK Happy....

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