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Thread: Color Scheme?

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    Color Scheme?

    Well, AO has taken the first steps toward a major facelift with the redesign of it's logo. However, the site colors still reflect those of the old logo.

    Perhaps a change from yellow and purple to blue and black is in order...
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    i fully agree with you 11001001 .... a new color scheme would be cool ...i also would suggest like i saw on other sites ..when you register you can choose a Theme ...like Red and Black ...Black and Green....Yellow and white and some other themes ...would be cool to have a new layout on AO

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    Perhaps a change from yellow and purple to blue and black is in order...
    I agree, the yellow seems to not fit quite right with the blue logo.

    Normally i would'nt even comment on such a thing since i don't own the site, but this is the "site suggestion's forum" so i won't feel guilty about it. Heh.

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    maybe not blue and black but any colors would be great for a change

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