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Let me ask this question to all...

We all know that cameras are not allowed in banks but you are free to go in there with your cell phone but if your cell phone is equiped with a camera and you try to use it in the bank you will most likely be thrown out. Why would they throw you out? Simply, Cameras are not allowed in banks therefore a cellphone equiped with a camera causes a form of alert.

That's basically the same thing with companies. They have trade secrets they don't want their competitors to know, so they are not going to allow their workers to be walking around the job with a camera neither with a cell phone equiped with one.

In no way I see that as a loss of freedom of speech, it just a security measure of trade secrets and I don't see why us as workers can't go along with that.

You don't even need to have your cell phone on the job at most times unless it work related...

well.. I work in a bank... so what your saying is... get a cell phone with a camera and I will not have to carry it around with me all the time?!

Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that before?! LoL

Come to think of it... I can get a camera add on for my palm too... so I can lighten the load by getting a camera for both!

Thank you cutty!!!!