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    I think the point here is that if you walk into work with your mini minalta 007 type camera its pretty obvious your upto no good. With the proliferation of camera phones, from a security pount of view. Spotting the person involved in a spot of industrial espeonage becomes that bit more difficult. Basicaly i think that if you wouldn't be allowed to take a normal camera into an area at work then you won't be alowed to take your camera phone there either.

    Recently a man was prossecuted for taking a picture with a phone in a court here in the UK.
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    Techtech said:
    Personally, I understand where te companies are coming from. If a cell phone is required to work, and the company is paranoid about sensitive images being sent, then they should provide "company" approved cellphones for it's employees. I would be more then happy to leave mine in the car, if the job's gonna provide me one for work.
    I agree completely.
    I am at customer buisness's almost every day, in various parts of the country(USA), and alot of them prohibit cameras from being taken into their facilities. A few, prohibit cell phones. This (the cell phones) is mainly for safety, as they are high traffic facilities: ie. warehouses, loading docks, and production facilities. I imagine that the buisnesses that prohibit cameras will also start to prohibit cell phones, as it could be hard to differentiate between a camara phone and a regular phone. Easier, just to ban all mobil phones.
    I asked one customer why they prohibited cameras. The answer was; We don't want our competition to see our propriatary production facility. I can understand that.
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    i also agree that its just parinoia
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    Rule 1 : You work in "my" company. I dont allow mobiles in my company. Period.
    Rule 2 : Work computers. Not to be used to surf or send private mails. I can log anything you do on this box. Period.
    Rule 3 : You dont like my policies. Then leave.

    I think some of you should come to Greece to work. Here there is no such thing as whining and what "you" want at work. You do what your wage payer tells you, or be gone. If a company sets a policy that they dont want mobiles with or without cams within the company, then it means that you are NOT TO BRING these into the company. The company pays you to do what they want. Not what you want, the way you want it. In the company i used to work in, the "user's" clients all had a vnc server installed, so that I could see what they are upto. I had banners upon login telling them that all their actions can, and will be monitored on company grounds. If a user came to me and told me "i dont want you to see what im doing on my computer", then he might aswell get lost.

    Learn to respect and follow policies. If you dont like them, then goto some place where the policies are more loose.

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    hmmm interesting viewpoint coming from someone in a country where books, tv, videogames, movies, etc... are openly censored.

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    i totally do not see this as a limit to free speech. in a world where a large portion of the population are not trust worthy, how can these companies allow camera phones near vital sensitive information? do you think they allow camera phones in the pentagon, esp in classified areas... i would say not. so why is this different? these companies do not want their "enemies" or rival companies to get info that could be detrimental to said companies well being.
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    Originally posted here by Lv4

    well let's be pragmatic here. I use my cell phone in my office ALL the time. I do receive a lot of calls on my cell though because of the nature of my job. I'm rarely sitting at my desk for any period of time because there is almost always something going on in one of the datacenters that fall under my jurisdiction and most of my communication will occur in a server room.

    So that means I always carry my cell with me, even when I'm in the office.

    I know the sales people are like that too, and I'm sure this isn't limited to just my company as it's been this way for a few years for me.

    Now I do agree about leaving a camera/cell phone outside of sensitive areas, but I wouldn't try to make a discrimination between a regular cell phone and a camera/cell phone when I wrote the policy. I would just ban cell phones from that area unless there is a written waiver by one of the officers of the company. That limits the amount of risk you are exposed to, and also creates a level of accountability for people.
    You must have a coveted window office, every where I have workd cell phone reception has been none existant except for a few perfectly located meeting rooms.

    Oh and insotronics while a few mom and pop shops may be difrent what you discribed is no difrent from corperate America (especialy now when workers are a dime a dozen)

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    Lv4: I can relate... My job position is requires me to have my phone on me at ALL times... for "EMERGENCY" situations.

    I have one of those motorolla nextell direct connect phones. Damn thing has reception EVERYWHERE! People just don't use it for "EMERGENCY" situations either... whenever you don't answer your desk phone in one ring or less... they are on a second phone calling your cell phone.

    I wish that my company would set forth a policy such as this... so I don't have lusers calling me all day with "huge" problems...

    The worst part is when your in the bathroom, taking care of some real business... and...
    *BEEP BEEP*... "namesensored, where are you? Joe User just called and they need you to call them RIGHT away... it seems that they forgot how to enter their password though they have been using the same one day in and out for two weeks..."

    my reply: "Uh, I'm on the toilet, can you take care of it... or would you like me to call them from here?!... "

    them: "oh, nevermind... it'll take me 30 seconds to do it... I just didn't have the application open..."
    I even get "important" phone calls at o'dark thrity on sat morning cause someones home personal computer made a "grinding" noise...

    Them: "Dude... I know its early but you HAVE to hear this! Oh, wait... it just stopped... it was making "grinding" noises"
    Me: "Dude! Its 5:30 on Saturday morning... I just went to bed and I'm still drunk. Goodbye!"
    or at lunch...

    "Uh, I know I just saw you leave for lunch and you won't be back for an hour... when you get back can you stop by so you can help me with such and such... "

    Pisses me off.... send me an e-mail or leave me a message. I'll reply when I have time!

    I'd be more than happy to get rid of that focker.

    I guess I'm just lucky to have a job?
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    Let me ask this question to all...

    We all know that cameras are not allowed in banks but you are free to go in there with your cell phone but if your cell phone is equiped with a camera and you try to use it in the bank you will most likely be thrown out. Why would they throw you out? Simply, Cameras are not allowed in banks therefore a cellphone equiped with a camera causes a form of alert.

    That's basically the same thing with companies. They have trade secrets they don't want their competitors to know, so they are not going to allow their workers to be walking around the job with a camera neither with a cell phone equiped with one.

    In no way I see that as a loss of freedom of speech, it just a security measure of trade secrets and I don't see why us as workers can't go along with that.

    You don't even need to have your cell phone on the job at most times unless it work related...

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    You know, I would bet money that it isn't really a change in policy at all. Those areas of the building do not allow cameras. It doesn't matter if the camera is part of a cell phone or if its part of something else. A camera is not allowed. There are certain areas of building which have always had non-recording/transmission device policies also. That way you don't have to worry about someone taping a conversaion or transmitting it to a 3rd party.

    Any company that is actually stupid enough to allow employees into a restricted design area with cell phone cameras is doomed to fail and it deserves to fail.
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