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    It sounds like you have got MSN net alerts installed you can uninstall this through add and remove programs. This will leave MSN messenger installed but stop the pop ups. Or if you don't nead to use messenger just follow some of the other advice given here

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    yep keep messenger disabled is good security move-thats what i heard.
    regarding pop ups i use crazy browser 1.0.5 to surf the nett amd i dont get no 1 pop up doesnt metter which site i visit.using it is very strange feeling as you never get pop up windows .its like you are not on the nett.(i dont know how secure this browser is-never investigated but its small in sixe for downloading and its free 462kb).

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    okay for starters nobody on the internet NEEDS windows messenger enabled. Not the one that causes the pop ups. Im not refering to MSN's Instans messenger. The answer has allready been given in this thread. goto services and scroll down to mesenger and stop it the diable it. It is very simple and there is no reason why everybody should be going on and on about Microsoft instant messenger and what freaking browser they use. Let the man get his answer dont confuse him with a bunch of miscelanious crap. If what you have to say doesnt pertain to the question asked then post it somewhere else.

    P.S. the answer was given by both retfarcratS and framework.

    P.S.S the messenger refered to transmits and recieves netsend and Aleter commands it may be usefull on a lan but is abused and really useless on the internet

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    Go to control panel then go to performance and maintenance then to administrative tools and to services scroll down until you see messenger and disable it. It a messenger service between cleints and severs has nothing to do with windows or msn messenger.This is the best i can do
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    Pop Ups

    Sounds like you need to run Ad Aware and Spybot Remover


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    Originally posted here by moxnix
    Personally, I use 'POW' from AnalogX. http://www.analogx.com/welcome.htm
    It is small,easy to use, and non-intrusive. I have tried several other supressors, but they either intruded on my system, or attempted to decide for me, what I should see.
    It is also free.
    POW is a very weak program...you need it open all the time, and then it takes a few seconds for it to actually close the pop-up, meaning the pop-up still opens, but then after a second it closes it. What i would do if i were you is switch browers if you get a lot of pop-ups while browsing. Internet Explorers has really given me a hard time with pop-ups so i switched over to Mozilla. I love Mozilla basically because you can set it to close all of the pop-ups coming from certain cites. Unlike POW where you have to tell it to close each pop-up individually, Mozilla's browser has a very powerfull feature which will block all incoming pop-ups from a certain cite. Anyways, just go to download.com and search in Internet And Browers or whatever it is called for 'Mozilla'. It isnt a hard program to us, (heck it is open-source and based off the original Netscape brower) and you can block pop-ups as well as images. Anyways, if you like it you can set it to your primary browers. Hope this helps...
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    how can i do it ?

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