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Thread: Getting past the Router/Firewall...

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    Question Getting past the Router/Firewall...

    Well heres the thing... I'm pretty well versed in concepts of hacking inside a network, but I've begun testing in senarios were a router is acting as a firewall, and I am outside the network. really have no clue how to get past it or to get any info.

    Given that I have an IP, how is it possible to get an idea of the network topology, or at least contact to any system inside the network. If you guys have any info or links to documentation, I would really apriciate it.

    Things I'm interested in:

    Acessing specific machines from outside a router/firewall

    Possibly ways to enumerate or attack a router (in order to penetrate the network)

    Viewing network topology from outside a router

    Any help would be greatly apriciated

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    I'm pretty sure what you're describing (in simple terms) is: breaking into a network over the net? If so, you're in the wrong place Toto.

    Nice job making it sound nice and intelligent though. I'll give you some credit for a valuable attempt.

    - Cheers,

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    You are immidiatly assuming that I have intentions to break the law... You are correct, I am asking about breaking into a network over the net, but have said nothing of breaking the law.

    It isnt my job to prove my intentions to you, but plain and simple, I am asking for information, and that information should be shared by those willing. I've been on AO for some time, but I rarely post, and I know there is a lot of kiddies who just want to learn to be cool hax0rs and have poor intentions.

    I doubt that you realy care, but I am very interested in network security and I would like to work in the industry someday. As a system administrator I'm closly related to the field anyway and this knowledge is usefull to me.

    like I said, I would really apriciate any help

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    even though you may be doing this for good intentions (aka a hackers job to make sure information is freely distributed) this community is probably the wrong place, if however you were to delete this topic and rephrase it from the security point of view (aka how can I prevent this from happening) then I'm sure you'd get tons of help and tons of antipoints to boot (even though antipoints aren't everything, as Jaquar taught me). Hope that helps


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    Heres an article on firewall penetration testing.

    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    I'm pretty well versed on this communities views of things.. I reallly dont think I need much more explaination than I have given... and I dont think antionline is the wrong place at all to ask these questions either... this is the first time I've gotten hassled for asking a question.

    I appriciate the link cwk9, that is helpfull. Does anyone have links to articles dealing with routers? I've been testing with a standard linksys 6 port router but I want soemthing more general. Basicly I want to be able to apply basic enumeration techniques through a routed network.

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    Everytime someone makes a post that actually deals from the attackers point of view, they get flamed.

    I think that the people who flame are just full of themselves and dont' know the answer to the flamed question in an effort to sound smart.

    If your not going to help the peson out, dont post! I dont care if the question is from the most 1337 script kiddie, if you dont post, the topic will die.

    AO should help people learn, not discourage it.

    As for Liquid_Darkness's question, I too dont' know how to get past routers. (but switchs/hubs are a different story) Though I would like to know the answer so if anyone can help, I would be grateful. (or should I say, how to prevent hacking routers.

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    Hi Liquid

    In my viewpoint hacking does involve lot of tech-know-how .

    but it requiries 10 times of mindpower .

    If you can get past the minds - no secuirty is safe enough , you jst need to think abt exsisting system thouroughly , test it using your tech-know-how .

    and your are done .

    no firewall can stop you .

    Its all abt human errors . and remember nobdy keeps all ports closed u jst need to choose the rite one . after all ports are services . hammer it , try to get into nearyby trusted networks .

    nmap is great tool to start of go thru it .

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    If you're willing to spend the money, you may want to look at the Hacking Exposed series, recently mentioned in a few threads here. Right now I think it runs at about $50 for the main book (Hacking Exposed 4th Edition). To all those quick to say he should not be doing this, how can you know you have a secure network if you have not tried to get in yourself? That is why there are _security_ tools like SAINT/SATAN out there.
    Preliminary operational tests were inconclusive (the dang thing blew up)

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