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    Originally posted here by Liquid_Darkness
    You are immidiatly assuming that I have intentions to break the law... You are correct, I am asking about breaking into a network over the net, but have said nothing of breaking the law.

    It isnt my job to prove my intentions to you, but plain and simple, I am asking for information, and that information should be shared by those willing. I've been on AO for some time, but I rarely post, and I know there is a lot of kiddies who just want to learn to be cool hax0rs and have poor intentions.

    I doubt that you realy care, but I am very interested in network security and I would like to work in the industry someday. As a system administrator I'm closly related to the field anyway and this knowledge is usefull to me.

    like I said, I would really apriciate any help
    I apologize for assuming that you are going to do something illegal but that's what most of these kinds of questions end up leading to: illegal activities or attempts at illegal activities.

    In an attempt to help I went to altavista.com and started looking for "bypassing routers" and was only able to find a few relevant documents:

    http://www.schneider.eclipse.co.uk/a...ngdnsrelay.htm (Short but could be helpful.)

    http://kurtm.net/gnuchowto/#3.1 (Gives a lil' insight... not much help though.)



    http://altavista.com/web/results?q=b...kw=xytx&stq=20 (PDF, not how to bypass but does give information on they are set up.)

    - Cheers,

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    I'm glad not everyone on here has such a hard time helping out somone seeking knowledge. I agree that AO shouldnt be so harsh on people taking a different perspective int here posts if they dont clearly have bad intentions.

    to akhooja: I agree with what you are saying but I'm looking for more technical specifics. There is many ways to get into a network or a system, but right now I'm trying to learn about getting around a router.

    to Kezil: actually I have the 3rd edition of Hacking Exposed and Hacking Linux Exposed. Those are very usefull. My personal favorite is Counter Hack(if you havnt read it, I realy recomend it). Unfortunatly my books are in storage so I cant just skim over a chapter on getting past a router.

    anyone else got any tips?

    Ohh, thanks a lot Jaguar... I didnt even think about checking astalavista. I'll read the links when I get off work. I totally understand the assumptions, I just see this happen a lot and I thought my post was a fair question

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