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Thread: packet crafting for windows

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    packet crafting for windows

    I have one box and one laptop. I wan't to test my boxes security by forging packets and sending them at it. both computers are windows 2000 (for some god forsaken reason) and I was wondering if there are any tools to do that in windows. Thanks.

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    Ethereal packet sniffer
    There's a packet sniffer to log and review packets. It would be better if you're able to understand packets before you go forging them. You can't just open a program and click "Forge packet to"

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    Jay Fougere, NetworkNewz Editor - "I am sure most of you have heard the term 'packet sniffer'. My question is, do you know what they are and how they can help/hinder you? In this article I would like to introduce three of the most powerful packet sniffers available. The most attractive feature of all of these sniffers is that they are free. You read that right. They are 100% free. They are also available for a variety of platforms."

    also great sniffers @ http://lists.gpick.com/pages/Packet_Sniffers~Info.htm

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    I'm not going to point you to any tools since I agree with the others that learning about TCP/IP packets by watching them is more instructive. What I will tell you is that you'd be better off with XP if you decide to ignore our advice and try to forge your own packets. Both Windows 2000 and Windows XP have access to raw sockets, but Windows 2000 actually does a decent job of controlling access to raw sockets. For the sake of backwards compatibility, Microsoft made a poor decision in Windows XP and actually removed a lot of the restrictions on raw sockets that they had placed in Windows 2000.

    A little google'ing on 'raw sockets Windows' may help you better understand what I'm referring to.

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    Good call str34m3r,

    This link will explain both raw sockets and the XP issue in 2 pages or less.

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    thanks guys, btw nice sig thehorse13

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    Packet generation well no one beats the following

    1. Hping2 from www.hping.org
    2. Nemesis from packetfactory.net

    But be careful you could blow up your 2000/XP box

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    libnetgui is a good program that crafts ur custom packets in windows...i use that quite a bit...good program

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    ...and of course Nmap exists for Windows OS's too.
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