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    Originally posted here by mrleachy
    moxnix, you have a very good point there, i remember that someone told me that a mag i read a while back said that with XP pro you can set your swapfile as low as 128 meg fixed size, tried it with no problems, but now that this has happened i've set it back to 512 fixed value, aybe it was a lack of 'virtual' memory that made it unhappy

    BTW i have 512meg actual RAM in the system
    With that amount of physical memory, you should be able to disable virtual memory altogether. This will increase your system performance. if you do have to have a swap file, make the start and end size the same, that way, windows doesn't have to continually resize the pagefile. This trick has always resulted in increased performance for me.

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    WarLock - Thanks for the link. It answers 'why' my router(s) keep getting hit with port 445 requests/attacks.

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