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Thread: Viruses and Passwords

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    Viruses and Passwords

    Hey all.

    I had a virus in my other computer last week, and the computer also had to be reformatted, so i reformatted him.

    After I reinstalled everything (took me some time , I found that my email password got changed! trust me, I write the password right. thats not the problem. I suspect that the virus sent/changed my password... Im also afraid that maybe other passwords got changed?

    I heared about a virus named baruk (or something similar) that send passwords of the infected computer.

    Do you know about any other viruses that send ANY passwords (specially mail passwords)?

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    Almost any virus in the trojan family is capable of stealing passwords of all sorts, my suggestion is go back and change every password you have for anything. Here is a list of viruses that are in the trojan famlily

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