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Thread: Hidden posts should be expanded when you click to view them

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    Hidden posts should be expanded when you click to view them

    Hello all. When somebody specifies a post as hidden, we see it in the thread as:

    This person has specified their post as Hidden. It may contain some type of spoiler or less-than-family-friendly language, among other things.

    To view this post click [here]
    and the link loads to a page such as this:

    The problem (IMHO) is that after deciding you want to view the hidden post and clicking on the link to the potentially offensive post, the post is collapsed by default.

    My suggestion would be to add the "display=show" to the querystring in the link
    ie. showthread.php?s=&action=showpost&postid=123456&display=show#123456

    I don't think there's any adverse affects to doing that. The user has already decided to view the post, so there is no point in it being shown collapsed.
    Mike Reilly

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    good luck

    well good luck with you're idea, maybe they'll do that. You never know.

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