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Thread: Whats ur Music Choice

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    Memphis, TN
    I forgot.

    I do like a little bit of rap like DMX, and 50 cent.

    Also forgot to mention in my other post.

    The White Stripes
    Green Day

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    sorry gore bout calling metallica punk there my favorit band but i got st. anger and it just doesnt sound like there still metal i amlost cried
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    Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, some Beatles, Hendrix, Bob Marley, DMX, Nas, Paul Oakenflod, DJ Tiesto, George Acosta

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    The Kinks and The Doors.

    Good music, anything that occured after the year 1979 is useless and that includes me.

    I would advise you all to ignore the music of today and have a look back, you'll find that lyrics about suicide and teen angst are the type of thing you'll be embarassed about in a few years, and that goes for 'ho's and chronic'.

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    I only listen to Barry Manilowe.

    'Kay I lied. . .I like it all, everything mentioned, except country. I like the older country like HWJr, but none of the newer stuff, less'n you call Dixie Chicks country. They Might Be Giants, Jewel, Blacksheep, the Dead, Filter, Mr. Bungle, Tull are a few that were left out.
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    > I'm going to Ozzfest in August and I'm completely psyched. w00t.

    Hell Yea! Me too. August 18th, NJ.
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    I'm very much into Tool, saw them perform and I was very impressed with their style. Also Linkin Park is up in the list too, as well as anything techno and David Bowie because he's always been one of the greats in my opinion.
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    Me personally, I have a wide range. Not much of a fan of country and most RAP, but I'm into anything that's got really nice highs and massive lows. As manicchester can tell you I put my money into my computers and my car stereo! Love the sound quality, got to be clear!

    But that's me...
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    I like a wide range of music depending on what mood i'm in.

    But i do listen to alot of Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen,etc can't list then all lol
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    Disturbed, Static-x, RA, Soil, Chevelle, Korn, 311

    Singles by Shinedown, Sevendust, Story of the Year


    Sorry for the email subscribers, didnt realize how old this thread is.

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