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Thread: Chicken Fried Computers

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    Chicken Fried Computers

    I was reading my July issue of Discover. "When I saw the most interesting article. Richard Wool, a material scientist and chemical engineer at the University of Delaware, plans to build better computers out of waste chicken feathers" That was the first line of the article.

    The chicken feather and soy resin composites can be used to create a wide variety of products, Wool said, including a new generation of computer microchips.
    Apparently this new form of material allows electricity to move over it's surface at twice the speed of silicon.

    Could we be using computers manufactured with chicken feathers in the future? Will this reduce our cost since they are very cheap? I am not sure, just curiouse what you guys and gals think?

    For an article go here . Otherwise google for more info.
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    i remember hearing something like this on techtv a little bit ago i think it might be kinda expensive at first cause its better and brand new tech. but after awhile since its cheep material cost wise it will probably become standerd
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    i think thats very cool ...[joke]what about then the fan works ...all feathers in the room flying around[/joke] *poor chikens*

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