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Thread: Getting rid of viruses and trojans

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    Getting rid of viruses and trojans

    Hi. If I have virus and trojans and stuff on my laptop and I change the hard drive, will I still have to trojans and viruses on my laptop? Or if I restore my laptop to its original factory settings, will that cleats the viruses and stuff off of my laptop?

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    If you have a virus that resides in your BIOS then changing the harddrive will be ineffective, however most virii don't access the BIOS (only a few do), I'd just suggest a format, it should be 90-95% effective, if not a lil more.

    I'd also recommend you check out this recent tutorial.

    I would also suggest you delete one of your two posts... as posting the same question twice in two seperate threads in not advisable.... it's a great way however to get yourself negged.
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