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Thread: major windows probs

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    Exclamation major windows probs

    well for the first time ever i have had my first cauwf (complete & uter windows failure)
    all started yesterday when i purchased a new 56k modem (was previously on cable but havn't had it fitted at new house and want online NOW) and a cd-rw
    instaled the modem without problems and then after surfing for a while decided was time to fit cd-rw
    limited in my knowledge of how to actually fit a new cd drive i decided that i would just use the exsisting ide connection that ws in my current drive so out it came and i linked up new cd-rw booted up and everything seemed fine except windows wouldn't recognise new device. so i went to refer to the instruction manual only to find its on bloody cd >_<

    so out came the new drive again and in went the old one and then all hell broke loose.....
    on boot explorer crashed as soon as windows opened so restarted my machine this time it couldn't run kernel.exe or something similiar and shut down pc straight away so i tried boting into safe mode wouldn't let me best i could get was to boot to command line only so i did and ran scanreg - oh boy error after error after error

    so tried to get windows to fix as many as it could but still would not boot normally so after a couple of hrs deciced there was nothing for it but a reinstall

    so i did a full reinstall of windows over the top of the current os and finally comp would boot but no drivers now - including ones for my geforce 4

    at present my comp looks like an old comodore >_<
    but am downloading drivers so hopefully not for long - and as you can see i got the modem reinstalled as am online

    but what i want to know is how can i mkae sure this doesn't happen again when i try to instal cd-rw anyone fancy talking me thro instalation procedure??



    oh forgot to mention am running win98 se
    1 HD (20 gig)
    cyber-drive cd-rw
    geforce 4 mx graphics
    onboard sound
    pentium 3
    128 ram

    yup an old box but given for free from work so who am i to complain

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    The most likely reason the device was not being recognized is that it didn't know the old one was gone so it still had information regarding that device linked to the same channel. Had you gone into the system and deleted the old device and rebooted you would probably have had more success.

    IMNSHO..... Go and get a copy of Windows 2000. It'll run fine on that box and you'll have a better, more stable and more secure box anywho....... and management of devices is a whole lot easier then the WIN9X series.
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    Did you set the jumpers correctly ? This can cause major problems.
    Do you have driver signing turned on ? This way you prevent unsigned drivers to be installed into Windows. Is the CD-RW on the Hardware Compatability List ?
    You can check that here:
    Also when things go wrong it is better to boot into the last known good configuration.
    A description can be found here:

    I am not totally sure about the answer but it could also be that Windows is trying to load drivers for the removed CD. Make a new hardware profile and remove the original CD from this profile. Reboot into this profile with the new CD-RW installed, Windows should try to reckonize it.
    Perhaps you should try to install it as the secondary master.
    Did you check the manufacturers site for the latest drivers ?

    I hope this can be of any help.
    O yeay. Before trying again, copy the installation manual to the hard drive.


    sorry for the duplicate answer, I was writing this and when I posted I noted that TS allready had replied.
    I think he is right though, try the profile thing.

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    IMHO this was not a driver problem - there is no way attaching this device to your system would cause the registry or Windows itself to become corrupted.

    Sure, you might find you have to boot in safe mode (doesn't use anything other than the most basic drivers), and if your master/slave settings were incorrect, Win98 would still boot most of the time. If you had got them completely wrong (or e.g. attached the cable the wrong way round) then your PC would not boot period. Worst case on a PC that boots would be that it didn't recognise the CD/RW. Looks like a hardware problem with the PC or your CD/RW to me ...

    As Win98 is a bit flaky in this area , it is always a good idea to use device manager to remove your existing drivers first. Then power off, install the new H/W, and reboot - most of the time PnP will kick in and will ask you to supply the new drivers. If you aren't sure, you can always cancel, and download them manually.

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    hmmmm after checking the hardware profile is telling me that it is not enabled in bios - any ideas on how to do this???

    thanks alot for the answers so far as well


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    What is not enabled in the bios? Usually you do not set the CD unit in the bios ( leave it set to auto detect or something similar )

    Sorry to say this, but since this is a security related site I feel I must; where are your backups??
    ( and the mechanicís wifeís car is always in need of repair while the customers' cars run great )

    I have never seen your particular situation before, but I have seen hardware cause such problems: specifically bad ribbon cables. Has the cable ever gotten pinched by the case? Did you accidently knock it a bit and leave it ajar even a little bit when moving CD units? A very small flaw ( just one wire was enough in one case ) to cause intermittent failures of the system.

    In the case referenced the computer belonged to an IT professional who would every month or two have to reinstall drivers, replace the hard drive, or reinstall the OS. Finally he gave up and purchased a new motherboard thinking that was the problem. But when he tried to install it he had the same problems. I found a pinhole in his IDE cable on just one wire. He replaced the cable and has had no more problems.

    IDE cables are cheap, make sure they are in perfect shape or donít use them, and make sure you are using the correct cable for the drive ( an ATA 133 canít use the same cable your old ATA 33 used ).

    Also, my suggestion is always to place CD and CD-RW units on the secondary IDE. Since you had a working cd unit in there before, why not keep it ?? ( if your case and power supply can handle it. ) Just use a new IDE cable, attach the CD-RW as the secondary master ( make sure the jumpers are correct ) and connect the old CD as the secondary slave ( jumpers should already be correct . I usually recommend a CD-RW and DVD player combo at the minimum, but you can always upgrade later as needed )

    Oh, and donít feel bad about the aforementioned IT professional: Iím not entirely sure he did not plant that cable a year in advance! His wife not only approved his purchase of a top-of-the-line Asus motherboard ( with CPU and memory ) but more importantly he now has the components for a new Linux box!!!!
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    valhallen -
    You might try going into the CMOS setup for your motherboard and "rerecognize" each drive. I've had a few problems with certain CDRom/CDR/CDRW drives being recognized correctly in systems I've built and this usually corrects the problem. As your system boots up, watch the bottom of the screen - it will tell you what to do to get into Setup (DEL or Alt+DEL or ?). If you can give me the make and model number of your motherboard . . I would be more than happy to walk you through it. As noted earlier, making sure the jumper(s) on your drive are set correctly is also important. Your OS should still 'see' the drive - unless the jumper is set to CableSelect, I believe. Check your IDE cable to ensure it is seated correctly into the drive as well as your board. Is the connection to the power supply unit plugged in correctly? You may think this is silly but . . . you DID shutdown your system, turn off the power and unplug the computer before trying to install the new drive - Right? I had a troubleshooting session with a guy once who was installing a new hard drive and he never shut his system down - then he wondered why he fried his motherboard. If you're using proprietary drivers as opposed to the MS drivers for your CDRom drives, as stated above, you need to either remove the drive from Device Manager under System Properties or create a new Hardware Profile. As I said before - I'd be happy to walk you through your motherboard particulars if needed. Good luck.
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    Originally posted here by valhallen
    hmmmm after checking the hardware profile is telling me that it is not enabled in bios - any ideas on how to do this???

    thanks alot for the answers so far as well

    When booting up follow the instructions ( DEL, F10, whatever) to enter SETUP menu, then tell your m/b bios to automatically detect the devices. I also have to agree with the comment referring to jumper settings. Your burner should be at the very end of the IDE cable and jumpered to act as master. DO NOT set it as a slave to your HD or vice-versa, give it it's own IDE cable. Failure to do so will have a detrimental effect on your data transfer rates and you will be making coasters instead of usable CDs. Here's hoping you get everything lined out ASAP!!!
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    Ok my PC gave me alot of **** jus couple of hours ago-> i had to reinstall windows.

    after doing that my PC would'nt except anything above 600x480 pix so i went check out the registry -not much found,loaded an old registry -still nothing

    THEN IT HIT ME -> Its not loading all of the startup filez needed->
    WHAM IT HIT ME AGAIN-> run ms config
    WAHM -> aha its running selective mode and has automaticly un-ticked some win.ini and
    i gues that must be why your driver are not found and your screen is all messed up.

    SO try running msconfig from your COMMAND line,IF you havent done so already

    **********FRIENDLY NOTICE TO ALL ZONE ALARM OWNER************************

    ---cause ZoneALarm compares this file:VSUTIL.dll with himself EVERYTIME ZoneAlarm is RUN
    ---and if it does not match YOUR CONNECTION IS TOTTALY BLOCKED..
    ---that means if you INPORT a reg you GOT NO MORE CONNECTION-believe me this is true

    it happend to me today-luckely i HAVE LEARNED FROM MY MISTAKEs and i saved the REG
    after hours of *playing* around i fixxed it

    and why has my ZoneAlarm picked up 60 INTRUSINS in 2WEEKS????
    Most are UDP and IP traffic and NETBIOS
    Is this normel??

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    i gues that must be why your driver are not found and your screen is all messed up
    the driver for my graphics card aint found anymore cause it doesn't exsist - lol
    i keep all my work on a secondary partition so when windows fried i formatted the drive it was on wipping it but leaving all my work intact....

    vvirtho i may take you up on that offer
    atm tho biggest prob is gettin online being forced to use aol >_<
    havn't had time to organise gettin cable line fitted to new house and aol is only isp offering free time so....oh well
    but is proving a bitch to get online so am gonna switch tomorrow to pay-as-use one just i can get online when i want not when aol says i can which seems t be case atm....earlier today 70+ dial-up attempts and no copnnections now come on should it be that hard to get online???

    vvirtho i'll give you a pm tomorrow and if you dont mind would appriciate you walking me thro - new graphics cards...easy to fit.....modem a breeze but gettin this cd-rw to work is frying my head


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