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Thread: making a com1 dirictory. how?

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    making a com1 dirictory. how?

    how do i make a com1 dirictory on nt box
    in simple way to make a dir it doesnt work duh, its a protected name...

    but you can make such dir in the ftp service of nt... the quastion is how to do so without anything

    just simple dos commands

    might be a good idia to show then how to get rid of such dir, like renaming and not rmdir command

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    First.... This probably should be moved elsewhere..... (and it was while I was typing this... )

    Second...... There are several threads dealing with protected names in Windows.

    Third...... Read the FAQ......

    Fourth..... No, I'm not in a bad mood this morning.....

    Lastly: For all the "protection" afforded by M$ for names such as com1, prn etc. they only really protect those names in the system itself and the cmd prompt. Many other facilities that can create and delete directories such as ftp or using network notation, (md \\.\c:\com1), will bypass the checking in the system.
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    lol ok i can understand you

    well move it to where?

    i was searching for com1 but i didnt found anything or i was searching the wrong place

    oh yeah good idia didnt read faq\rules yet sorry

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    Usually The moderators Negative, MsMittens will move threads you can PM them if its not already moved

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    This is an old feature from msdos. COM1 is the name of the first serial port
    on the computer. Referring to it from the command prompt talks to the port.

    Microsoft has some good info on it as it relates to windows


    It has been exploited as a prank to crash people's machines. Using device names
    for directory names is a no-no because the OS can use a name as a device or
    as a file/directory name, but not both. Unix, on the other hand, accesses devices
    by pseudo file names called special device files
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    thanks rcgreen gonna read it... even though they didnt wrote the aux and prn and nul dirs
    but it also affect winnt machines as well as win9x

    btw my nt box gone mad b4 it couldn access com1 dir and the explorer was hanging but now
    it access it normaly... wierd

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