Cuz of the new AP feature I was browsing some of the older post cuz I remeber that JP was asked to assign the names a couple of times and always said no to it.
When browsing this I found something interesting. In one of the earlier post on the AP system (when it got introduced in the first place) JP talked about AO goodies.
If you would have a high number of points you could get discounts.
I have however not seen anything about AO goodies ever since.

I have PMed with intmon and also brought this to light.
So how would AO members feel about AO goodies like coffeecups, mousemats perhaps even shirts and so.
I think with Jupmedia being the new site owner they would be happy to implement this.
(the discounts for the points may not be that good idea.)

The question is:
Would you like/buy AO goodies and what would you like to see ?