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Thread: Cable Modem Uncapping

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    Cable Modem Uncapping

    HEy i know this isnt directly security related, but has anyone found any vulnerabilities in the Toshiba PCX2200 modem so that it can be uncapped? thx
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    I don't know the answer to your question here, but your question is in the wrong forum.
    This is the forum to ask about "how do i" or "what is" something on Antionline.

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    What you are asking is most likely violating your ISP's AUP and I would think twice before stealing bandwidth.

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    Hope your not planning on uncapping your modem, as stated by alittlebitnumb, this is theft. I believe its refered to as theft of service. What about the other customers when their conection speed drops. Your ISP will most definitaly notice. then you will have big time explaining to do.

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    That's an interesting discussion, actually (although -as stated by Framework- in the wrong forum)... I don't really know what he means by 'uncapping', but he could be talking about something like the Alcatel modem-hack: you buy a cheap Alcatel modem, and with the right 'hacked' firmware, you turn it into a Pro version (router, built-in firewall, DHCP server,...) that costs 5 times as much...
    Illegal? I don't know... aren't you allowed to do anything you want with hardware you buy? I'm not talking about the hacked firmware now, just about the hardware.
    Of course you'll loose your guarantee, but I don't think there's any law against something like that...
    Or take the new ATI Radeon series... all it takes to turn a 9500 in a 9700 is some soldering and the right drivers. I don't see anything wrong with the 'hardware'-part... you'd probably be breaking ATI's user-agreements, though.
    If I'd find a "vulnerability" in Windows that'd make it twice as fast, would using it be against the law? If so, registry hacking would be illegal, too...

    Any opinions?

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    I did a quick search and found an article on cable-modems.org , not perfectly
    up to date, but interesting. Apparently it's feasible to uncap ISP imposed
    bandwidth limits, but obviously undesirable from the ISPs point of view.

    Naturally, it violates the service contract, and probably the law as well.
    Some tweaks are perfectly legal since they only optimize your computer's
    use of available bandwidth, instead of increasing the amount you get
    (presumably at someone else's expense).

    you buy a cheap Alcatel modem, and with the right 'hacked' firmware, you turn it into a Pro version (router, built-in firewall, DHCP server,...) that costs 5 times as much...
    That's probably not the same as uncapping for more speed from your ISP,
    and I'd be tempted to think it was OK, like upgrading the OS in your
    computer to get more features.

    Maybe some time soon we'll have enough speed that few will be tempted
    to steal service. (hey I'm still on dial-up!)
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    I work for a cable company that does put in High speed internet. they are pretty strick and have banned users in the past for the very same thing. just watch yourself ok?

    journey is right. it is theft of service. and you may very well get fined for it too and lose you HSI access

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