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Thread: Can anyone help?

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    Can anyone help?

    I have Windows xp home edition and slackware linux on a diffrent partition, well I can boot up with windows but I have not bootloader, I was wondering if anyone knew how i could install a bootloader so i can boot to linux or windows.

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    cgkanchi has written a good tutorial called:
    Booting Linux using the Windows 2000 Boot Menu.
    Don't be confused where it says Windows 2000. It also aplies to XP.
    Another method would be to boot into linux and install lilo or grub.
    You can boot into linux by using the slackware cd to boot from or a bootdisk.
    If you need a bootdisk visit www.bootdisk.com

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    Searching www.google.com I found this:


    for installing LILO. I prefer GRUB, and Google yielded


    Use www.google.com

    It's your best friend

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