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Thread: NIC (eth0) mounting problems

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    NIC (eth0) mounting problems

    Hello Friends,
    I've posted this before but I can't see to make it clear to myself what exactly I need to do. The situation is :

    1) I loaded Linux RedHat 9.0
    2) Currently, everything works fine except my NIC card.
    3) No 'drivers' (modules) available for my card as far as I know.
    4) I need help

    So essentially, Is there a module for my card? My sources tell me linux always has a module for just about every card. But let's pretend that it's a 'win only' card. Would someone please help, I'd love to get internet working in Linux. I must shift stat. Thanks.


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    It'd be great if you could tell us what NIC you have... without that we have no idea which howto to post, or which module you need to load... etc.
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    Lots of time its not the card that's supported but just the chipset, for.ex. I have a sitecom Fast Ethernet,
    but loading the Tulip module did it.
    Also I think a whole lot of nics turn on the Realtek driver.

    Anyway give some more details on the chipset like phishphreek said, and i'll try to pinch in too

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    It is a Farallon , NetLINE, PCI (PN993-TX) also I have a Cheetah PCI adapter, by Accton. So either one would suffice. Also, can someone elaborate on 'tulip mode'.


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