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    before u use scandisk use CTRL-ALT-DEL and close all apps that are running.
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    I normaly ignore the message and let the system continue.. well not entirly true.. If I encounter the problem I will first follow the earlier advice..
    To summerise the advice given.

    1/ Pause the Task Schedualer MMTASK (you can stop this loading in msconfig/startup.. disable it if you never use it..)
    2/ use CTL-ALT-DEL to stop most of the background tasks (this won't stop un-needed Services )
    3/ if the Above won't stop the prob.. ReStart in SafeMode and run Scan-Disk there.. it will be slower (this goes for Defrag as well)

    Several other things will cause this the restarting.. including the HDD "auto Align" some older HDD's would Regulary auto align themselves due to variations due to temperature.
    as well as services that are installed with some other M$ software or even with some Hardware Drivers.. some Video/Sound Card drivers (hence the hint to start in safeMode)

    And after this (especially if the HDD itself is the cause), just let the thing continue.. you don't realy need to be doing anything else on the computer tonight ..did you?

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    sorry. am late

    hi again

    regarding what said about moving to another OS ,
    Not bad idea at least i will waste the kernl but,not know,

    regarding what said about qutting some programmes in the task list ,
    i do that but it did not work nor in the safe mode.

    regarding wat said about using a third party proog. Well i will try it.

    Thnx 4 ur help

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    Click "Start", "Run", & type msconfig ...press enter...a box will come up...click the startup tab & uncheck everything accept systray and explorer if they are in there...reboot and then run scandisk...you should probably still think about going to a different OS, I would not recommend upgrading though, it normally just causes problems with the new OS...

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