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Thread: rb 32?????

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    rb 32?????

    A couple of days ago, I noticed that I had som eodd program running. It's called rb 32.exe. I don't remember installing it so it must of installed by itself. I'm not sure if it's anything malicious and I can't seem to get rid of it. Any ideas?

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    It's Rapid Blaster IE hijacker.

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    Use the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs entry for 'RapidBlaster' if it is there, then go to the Downloaded Program Files folder inside the Windows folder, right-click the 'AInst' item and 'Remove' it.

    (If the AInst control is not removed, any web page will be able to reinstall Rapid Blaster. It is this installer control that is detected by the script at this page.)

    After restarting, you can clear up by deleting the 'RapidBlaster' folder inside Program Files, and deleting the key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\RapidBlaster' from the registry (Start->Run->regedit).
    source http://allentech.net/parasite/RapidBlaster.html
    As stated on the web site

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    Me Also !!!!! It downloaded, and installed itself without 'asking'.

    It also added 'hot sex tool bar' to my internet explorer. (Where the hell did that come from ?)

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    for preventing further things to happen such as these download Ad-aware and/or Spybot Search and destroy ...

    Ad-Aware - http://www.lavasoftusa.com/

    Spybot - http://spybot.safer-networking.de/in...&page=download

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    If you are a perosn who goes to a lot of "joke" websites or just general non-business websites you will end up running into "plugins" that want to be installed. You really do need to watch waht you say yes to, just because you "need" it to view the site, doesn't mean it's not also going to install junk. That's why it's a good idea to use ad filtering software to keep all the junk out of there. Plus having an up-to-date virus scanner to make sure you also don't get sucked into a trojan or something else worse. That's just a thought...

    Just a thought...
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    hot sex tool bar mmm wish i had one those , no seriously if you go to this site http://tomcoyote.org/hjt/ and use the hijack this program and then post it in the forums at www.cexx.org someone will tell you exactly how to be rid of the parasite . Hijack this goes through your registry and such and finds all the naughtys , a very useful proggy ps. don't delete stuff yourself unless you know what you are doing
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    look in your browser options, you might want to goto (if you use IE) internet options>>security>>custom level... there you should find most of your options about running plugins, etc...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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