What the heck is QNX?
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Thread: What the heck is QNX?

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    What the heck is QNX?

    Heres an interesting little article on a operating system that I knew nothing about.

    Its easy to forget that there are tons of operating systems besides the typical win/linux/mac. Most of these OS's preform a specialized function. QNX is geared towards the manufacturing sector where a computer crash could mean a $50,000 car on the assembly line gets wrecked. QNX is made to be rock solid and features a nifty micro kernel.

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    students can download it for free....
    you can also get a 30 day trial someplace else on their site for the enterprise version.
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    QNX is used as an operating system for embedded systems. For example a telephone switchboard or a telephone is controlled by an operating system. Normally you can program a microcontroller with assembly language to get it working. To get a microcontroller working properly without problems and failures as a fail-safe, redundant system QNX or other variants are used.

    QNX features >> http://www.qnx.com/products/ps_neutrino/features.html
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