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    Unhappy No internet access for a month . . .

    Hi, has anyone stoped to think what would they do if for some strange reason there wasn't internet access for a month or more in the whole world. What other activities would you do.

    Lately i have had alot of free time, and i asked my self this question and my conclusions were:

    *Spend more time with my love ones.

    *Disconect my computers and untangle all the cables and put them in order

    *exercise more

    *think about how miserable i feel without internet

    and some more stuff

    NOTE****WELL i think this is a dumb question but like it says :
    AntiOnline's General Chit Chat
    Talk about whatever's on your mind, as long as it doesn't fit in another forum. Well at this moment this is whats on my mind****

    Looking forward to what other people would do or consider to do if something like this happened.

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    I would invest heavily in lubricant, "magazines" and blow up .. um .. playthings.
    Also, a little study/programming here and there wouldnt hurt.

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    well ....there are still computer books .... and tons of computer gammes to buy ...it's not like the computer doesnt work ...the computer is not only made to browse the internet .... a computer is a powerfull machine....

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    Actually i have thought out that scenario, that's why i have loads and loads of tut's and other useful text on my hard drive. I got into this practice when i was on 56k, I never knew how long mom was gonna be on the phone. Heh. Now that i'm using charter pipeline, it's not too much different. Ha!

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    I would spend more time reading books
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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    Me too, books are the best, knowledge grows after every book.
    I do the same as framework but I have it burn onto a CD.

    First you listen, then you do, finally you teach.
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    Well i haven't thought about it but
    I EXPIERENCED it 1st hand(actually a couple of times)

    Cause internet is not a priority in RSA its a luxery and lots of people cant affors it.
    So rather consider yourselfs lucky.
    But to be without Internet for a month-> i would probably
    start learning C++ all over again with HTML

    ----AND OFCOURSE-----

    my PC wouldn't have no virusses and trojans and SH!T
    or i'll probably break it cause of boredom(playing around in the REG and deleting/editing
    sys files-----not recocmended for those who are new to the world of computers----

    Anywayz good thread man -it really made me think,cause lately i seem to be addicted to
    the internet

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    I think I would go out and Shoot Myself.....
    Or drive the family nuts learning some new tunes on the Bagpipes!!!
    Franklin Werren at www.bagpipes.net
    Yes I do play the Bagpipes!

    And learning to Play the Bugle

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    defenitely boks are a good internet replacement, on a holiday a few months back with no computer for almost 2 weeks, we're talking no computer at all here, bought myself a couple of computer books that were discounted, a beginners guide to C++ and a huge, i mean huge book on SAMBA, this bok was almost 2 inches thick here, havnt read them for a while but i will be taking them up wth me next time in a couple of weeks

    so its either books or touristy stuff, where we go there are wineries and stuff like that so it keeps me happy enuf

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    I'd have to say read books for about 15 minutes. I'd get tired of it then go play Delta Force or Unreal on the computer.

    But I do have a lot books that I read. Books on TCP/IP, Windows 2000. Ethical hacking ect. I'd probably have all of those read in a day if I didn't have net access.

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