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Thread: zero views + truncated URLs

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    zero views + truncated URLs

    Two bugs:

    1. A post of mine says it had zero views, even though it's had 5 replies. I don't believe it (see attached shot). (The post is in addicts btw)

    (*** ignore ***) 2. A lot of URLs are getting truncated when people put them in. It's fine the name of the URL getting chopped up, but the URL gets mangled too, which usually stops it working....

    (*** update***) I fixed this now, it was my proxy. I will attempt to work out what rule is breaking it and turn it off.

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    I have noticed the same thing for quite awhile now. I'll post something and it will either get replies or just site there for awhile and show no views at all, then after around 15 minutes i come back and it shows all the views it got.

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