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Thread: What do you look for?

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    Arrow What do you look for?

    I jsut got my own nuke site up thxs to Pure and well i was wondering. What do you guys look for in a site. Like color graphic and functionality wise. Cause i was outa ideas for modules or blocks to add and I know this is the place to ask. also if u urself have a nuke site throw the url up here I'm interested in what others have done to them. Thanks in advance!

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    No offense, but nuke sites are really crappy. You'd be better off to fully mod a phpbb site with the ezportal mod instead of using one of those, for security reasons, the phpbb is much more secure than the nuke programs.

    But, back to your question, I like uniqueness in a site. If you are using a site that uses themes that you can get from anywhere, make it your own, make it scream your site, what you're about, etc. There is nothing worse than the genericness that sites have become. So many people are getting their own forums nowadays or building portals using a generic portal program and they all look the same. Make your own theme, have features no one else does, but at the same time, make it functional. Awesome looking and easy to use. This will draw more users. If you can write your own mods, then do it. Take your site to the edge and don't be afraid to be different.

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    First I look for a site thats not gona take a long time to load. Filling a site with all the bells and whistles just turns me off. Javascript, Flash, Java applets, animations, drop down menus... hey they are nice but one must achive balance. I look for a balance.

    Simplicity, easy to use, and functional. Doent mean you cant have your javascripts, but use them in limits without it becomeing an nusance for visitors.

    Scroll bar scrollers anoy me, pop up windows realy anoy me. cookies urk me. But hey sometimes you need a cookie, use expirey dates, place meaningfull data in cokies if you must have a cookie. Your alowed 20 I think per domain but seriously why would you need more then two.

    Flash animation intros also anoy me, When i type an address or click a link I dont want to visit the man-in-the-middle. I want the site. No click here to enter.


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    And a good tip that i think anyone here would give you

    Sorry, but i had to get that out of my system.

    Well a good site would be
    *-Quick to load up
    *-Clear links(not broken ,not misleading-. cause if a site send me somewhere i not like,
    i kill that site ONCE.)
    *-No POP-UPs ads or windows always target the main window or if you have to ,then jus warn
    the user before-hand
    *-A site that might not look the best the 1st time,but after reguler use wont irretate you dead
    with all the sprakly ****.
    *-Personnelly, I like it when a site USES IMG MAPS-> its much more user-friendly cause,
    you skip the not-so-needed html pages.

    When you are done with the SITE,pass the link and we could always validiate it

    Enjoy the CREATION

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    A site has to have :-):
    - Possible Eye Candy
    - Fast loading (a site can be good on the eyes, AND fast loading by making use of CSS, and keeping the html to <div>'s and <span>'s)
    - Standard compliant (this can be easily done of you only use CSS to define the look of your site)
    - Cross-browser compatible. (At least IE and Mozilla/Netscape, can also easily be done by tweaking the CSS)
    - Ability to turn off the eye-candy. (This can be done by using multiple CSS files. I.E., one for the basic style, and one for the eye-candy overiding the basic styles. Whenever the eye-candy requires de-activation, just dont '<link>' the 2nd stylesheet)

    Don't underestimate the power of the Stylesheet. It can totally change the way you build the front-end of a website.


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    Not to mention with stylesheets...it's very easy to go in and change the formatting of your site (text sizes, color schemes, link styles...etc.) without the hassle of going through each individual page.

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    hey sry it took awhile for me to get abck here had to get a new comp..well thxs for all ur feedback...im goign to get rid of the nuke site bottom line because i to feel they r crappy and everywhere...it was jsut holding me over til i can get my real one up...i want to have it with sum flasha nd php oriented cause ima big fan of those type of forums adn language. if any1 wants to lend a helping hand just post here...thxs again for all ur feedback

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    I'd be willing to give you hand, if you need it. Just drop me an e-mail or catch me on irc.unerror.com

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