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    Today I went to a used bookstore in my area, and of course the first place I go to is the computer section. Lo and behold, one of the first things I see is an original OS/2 box with complete contents for only $15.00. What "artifacts" (or gems, if you prefer) have you found in situations like this?
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    Every once in a while I find a flea market with mint nintendo and atari stuff. I have all of the original Final Fantasy games, even the international versions, which I can't play, but are still awesome to have. I hope to find an imported system sometime, but I haven't gotten that lucky yet.

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    I've found some excellent vinyl at yard sales in awesome shape. . .Jethro Tull and Jefferson Airplane to Men at Work and Old Billie Joel stuff!!!
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    Commodore 64 games and hardware (even some realy exotic stuff) all I have now is bought for about the same ammount a simple C64 system went for in the 80's..

    Atari stuff allways fun to play with..

    misc. old appliances.. good for spare parts..

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