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    Personally I believe all computer with a pre-installed os should have the CD's
    with the OS and one with the drivers, no matter what. It only cost pennies per
    CD to have it come packed with the computer.
    And any computers MFG should have all drivers on their website or
    links where to get it.....
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    I don't know if this is true.. it may be an urban legend..

    Apparently.. IF the big blue or the new HP were to ship the machines with a restore CD, and as these machines are factory activated.. the CD Set would there for be a preactivated archive, problem for M$, BB and HP these disk could install on almost any hardware..
    True?.. I don't know..

    I have had conflicting statements from HP (OZ) regarding getting Restore CD's, Yes, no, "Yes but you don't need them, you can restore from the HDD, besides the restore is 3 CD's and will take hours"..

    Ever wondered why these systems are cheap?.. the OS cost per machine is less than half that of the Beige Box Edition.. You sort of wonder how the DOJ looks apon the "collusion on maintaing a monopoly"? ("Hey M$ I want to improve my market share.. here scratch my back and I will help you maintain your market share')

    enough from me.. for my 2c's worth

    BTW: yes copy the files as mentioned earlier.. F the B's

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    or an even better scenario for ya. My mother in law has a hp with onboard restore. Her computer started running really horribly so i went and checked it out. She was MAJORLY infected with both virii and trojans. and the real kicker was after carefull examination (i looked at the screen ) not only was her primary partiton infected but so was the poartition with system restore information. Now i know there are a bunh of you out there that are going to miss the point of this by thinking "well she should have been scanning her downloads" and all that other crap. The point is that if you have a really bad infection or some such problem what are you supposed to do if you have to format but your recover data has been compromised. Personaly id rather pay the extra money and have the stuff i need to recover ona cd

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