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Thread: Internet Moron of the Week ....

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    Internet Moron of the Week ....

    .....goes to Mr Nathan Hanks, Manager of Contintental Airlines for these startling revelations;

    But, Nathan Hanks, managing director at Continental Airlines, and others said Microsoft is not unique in its vulnerabilities. "We have a Linux server that has three times the critical updates as our Windows server," he said.
    Nathan, this one doesn't really dignify an response. Hope you don't rely on all your aircraft information from the one source. Ignorance is bliss - so I only awarded a few points for this one.

    "All the guys hacking Windows are Linux guys." Continental was hit hard by SQL Slammer and "our CEO said we'd failed," Hanks said.
    Come on Nathan, how many linux servers went down due to SQL Slammer and your CEO is right YOU did fail, your MS systems should have been patched in July 2002 and not waited until after January 25, 2003 .... I do hope you pay more attention to critical maintenance updates on your aeroplanes !!

    With comments like this, not only are you showing your stupidity, your also sexist - what girls can only hack with point and click operating systems or are all "hackers" males ? This one got you plenty of votes, your on the way to win the award, your up there with the front runners - just need one more !!

    Having one vendor throat to choke is helpful in crisis situations, Hanks said. An IT pro can't go to the CEO and say that a server is down, "and hopefully some guy in Amsterdam" will get to a fix when he gets back from the "dope house," he said.
    With a comment like this they must be queuing up for IT jobs in the Netherlands, great new twist on the "smoko" break. The clincher, step forward and accept your award Nathan, you truly deserve it !!

    Anyway goodbye Nathan, you are the weakest link and my vote for the Internet Moron of the Week.

    Full article here if anyone is interested.

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    oh man i needed a good laugh to keep me awake at 4:38 AM ... i thought my day was worthless ... was so boring ...you just made my day ....

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