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Thread: antionline points

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    antionline points

    than keeping antionline points somewhere ....u keep it on the main page itself...so whenever the person logins he will not only look at the points but also his performance in this site and tries to be better according to human psychology..and also few comments on himwhich makes him a better person ,so there will be a down fall in hidden posts..this is just my view if u like it i am the happiest person on earth
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    I don't understand what you're trying to suggest but if it has something to do w/ it the AP system, I recommend that you forget it.

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    im not really understanding your point ...maybe rephrase your suggestion, by the way i like the AP system just how it is now ...no need to change something.....

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    I think this is what is meant:

    Why not have the antipoints you've recieved displayed on the home page instead of having to click a link to see your newest ones. The constant reminder of others' opinion about your actions could have the psychological effect of decreasing activities that lower your antipoints. In essence, a constant reminder to conform to the standards of behavior set by the community.

    1: If this were done, the best place for it would probably be the same as the "balance your antipoints" reminder.

    2: This may not have quite the impact you think it will, and could have exactly the opposite by increasing resentment and feelings of revenge if the negative antipoints are harshly phrased.
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