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    project help

    how the format has to be while preparing a project...what are the essentials for live demonstration....if u have ur experiences please let me know ..how did u do ur projects in ur schooling....and what projects did u do....

    thank u
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    Lightbulb 5min Live demonstration

    In college I did a 5 minute presentation on "How to do a 5 minute Presentation"

    It worked out really well, it was the most original topic everyone got a kick out of it, and I pulled off an A

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    I've done more presentations than I can count...from Hemingway to cooking demonstrations.

    Organization is the essential to a successful speech. Well planned out material is definitely important. Knowing your audience is even better. It really depends on you and what works for you when you plan a presentation. Some people prepare outlines, full speeches, or just write down a few notes on cards...some don't use any at all.

    It really depends on what you're doing and what you're comfortable with. I did a presentation on Hemingway and the similarities in his writings with events that happened in his life, and how he portrayed the events in his novels as well as the characters. For that presentation, I used a complete outline. I had the outline memorized and I practiced it several times before I had to do it, so I had a very good feel to do it without any material at all, but if you've ever been up in front of a crowd (you'll know what I mean) it's easy to get off topic, no matter how much you practice.

    For the cooking demonstration I did, I had one note card of history behind the recipe and the recipe itself and as I went along talking about making it and doing it for the audience, I added in pieces of history behind the making of the recipe, some of the ingredients, and so forth.

    Different techniques work with different presentations.

    I hope this shed some light.

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    Re: project help

    there are many tools that can be used for presentations, such as flip-chart, overhead projector, but the one I personally prefer is Microsoft PowerPoint, which I have used on numerous occasions with reasonable success. It really depends on the type of presentation, your intended audience, what is yor main objective etc. Try and list the pro's and cons of the various options , and see what is right for your situation.
    hope this helps
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