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    Linux Networking Utilities

    Hello Again Friends,

    Recently I have loaded my very own version of Linux and I came to wondering, "Where and What are the utilities used for network maintenance?" I mean, Windows had got 'netstat', 'nbtstat', 'NET X', yada yada yada. I guess my question is where should I look in linux to find these commands or apps. And yes, I have looked though the AO database for a thread. No luck. Would some expert please enlighten me.


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    try a few of these on for size;

    on the commandline type in -

    man ifconfig (ifconfig - configure a network interface)
    man route (route - show / manipulate the IP routing table)
    man netstat (netstat - Print network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, masquerade connections, and multicast memberships)

    happy reading......

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    A couple useful ones that I use frequently...

    ping, hping2, tracert, nc, iptraf, ettercap, nmap, tcpdump

    There are a couple to get you stared. Some of these are not installed by default and you will need to use google and find them, download and install them.

    As phat_penguin pointed out... use the man files! They are a life saver!
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    Could someone elaborate on what a 'man' file is?

    If the scatman can do it so can you.

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    man = manual
    So by typing man nmap, you will get the manual for nmap's usage eg. arguments for the nmap command and what they are used for.

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    man is a command that stands for manual, most/all programs come with man files... the man command simply looks up the app's man file and displays it for you...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80
    ping, hping2, tracert, nc, iptraf, ettercap, nmap, tcpdump
    These are good commands but I think you had a bit of OS dyslexia. Tracert works in dos and the linux equivelent is traceroute. Another cool network command thats built-in to linux is ssh. It lets you connect to another linux box, or any other computer running an ssh server, and all your packets are encrypted. Its a lot like telnet but more secure.

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    Does anyone know where I could locate a command 'index' of all of the possible net commands?
    If the scatman can do it so can you.

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    Type "net help"
    The list of available commands are listed for you. If you need help with the individual command type "net help <insert command here>"
    Hope this helps.

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