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Thread: Need your help... fast!

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    Need your help... fast!

    Can anyone please explain how is it possible to have a file from a shared drive open at two different systems at the same time. One system is NTsp6 and the other one is win2k sp1. The file is on the shared drive S: Under the premissions of the file it seems that "Everyone" has full access to the file. I can even take "Ownership" of the file. Everyone can open the file and save at the same time which will create problems. It is an Excel sheet therefore you can set the sharing premissions on the file from "tools" - "share workbook". When you click on this menu selection. You can see that "allow more than one user to make changes at the same time" is check BUT it's faded and there's no way of unchecking it... CAN ANYONE HELP. Who can uncheck it. I everyone can take the "ownership" but noone can unchek it... It's very important file .. help

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    What version of excel are you using??

    We have had some of the same issues with W2K and Excel 97.

    Also could be your virus scanner.

    Just some thoughts


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    Copy it then paste it on your personal(safe) drive and then delete it from the S: drive. Can you do this?
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    By default, you are able to edit this section. In my opinion, one of two things are in play here.

    1) Until everyone closes the worksheet, you cannot edit this feature. Try to boot everyone from the file then see if this opens the option.

    2) Someone has added security to the workbook. If this is the case then find out who. I can't tell ya here how to bust up Excel worksheets but it can be done using both commercial and ummm, other software. Google is your friend

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you...Thank you...

    You're right of course horse; It was (as usuall) simplest and the most obvious answear.
    Everyone has to close the file and then we can change the thinggy... I cannot believe that
    no one here thought of that one...

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