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Thread: Free BSD statues

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    Free BSD statues

    I just found this site a few minutes ago and i wasnt sure if anyone had seen it or not, sooo, Im posting this so you can not only get a kick ass lil metal statue of one of the most reliable OSs in the world, but also theres a bronze apache feather. and also some of the money goes to the Free BSD people.



    Heh, i just found the baby daemon for Pico BSD.

    And to my Binary boss, lol dude, Microsoft admitted they like Free BSD and that they were goign to actually do something for them and port C# to BSD.

    But yea i understand you on the no time to learn, I got my computer 3 years ago and a year ago i was learning Linux buth ad to stop because of school and work...well im on vacation rigth now and iv gotten back into it heavily. Linux isnt hard to learn really. Free BSD is easy if you have time. It all depends on how much time you have to add. also instead of making a new post im editing this one so i dont waste space. Im going to look on the site for more stuff and ill let you guys know what i find

    HEHE just found the Free BSD pin for ties and ****!!!!!!


    I almost want someone to get married in my family now!...if only i had money.

    Oh hell yea Im so getting this:


    BSD Pimpin aint easy.

    <gore@localhost: ~> Pimp -fbsd | BitcheS D

    lol i have seom free time can ya tell?
    Ok, I WANT THIS!

    Im starting the "gore is broke like an NT web server and ants a tux pin" foundation. all donations go right to buying this pin i want. Or if someone would like to buy it for me

    and if you donate money now i promise not to blow it on drugs instead of tux,. cmon guys its only 6 bucks!

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    Gore, that's awesome.
    It's too bad I have a windows box and no time to get into linux.
    Otherwise, he would be my new mascot.
    I think if I put him on my PC right now, the XP gnomes would jump out of my box and try to buy him out and turn him into a microsoft entity.
    That's Officer 11001001 to you...
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    those statues are beauty , i have wanted on for a while. Have you seen this before ? a gallery of tux and daemon images and stuff http://johngalt.crosswinds.net/bsddaemon.htm
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