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    big honking system volume directory

    My friend has a windows webserver i manage, and i just realized that the system volume information directory is huge. The computer has 2 hard drives, d is just for storage, not a single app runs from there. C is where all the stuff happens, so one would think that it would have the larger system volume information directory. It has a system volume information directory of 1.5 gigs, which according to the literature(which was for winnt5 and may not be entirely accurate for win2k) that should be the max size it gets to. but the d drive has a sytem information directory that is 24.1 gigs. that is pure craziness. what is that? have i been hacked and some schmuck is using me for bulk web storage?
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    The 'system volume information' directory.
    This is where windows keeps it 'system restore points'.
    I think the 24 gig is a bit suspicious but I can't tell if it would be out of the ordinary because I do not use the 'system restore' funtion in windows.

    Anyways if this is the case you might want to check out:

    Hope that helps

    The following talks about the same subject.

    I think there are multiply restore points in the directory and that is why it is so big.
    The following link says "System Restore takes a maximum of 12 percent of the disk space in systems with hard drives over 4 gigabytes (GB), and a maximum of 400 megabytes (MB) for hard drives under 4 GB"

    So if the harddisk is one of those 180gigs it could well be normal.
    I create backups and images manually so I do not use this space wasting service.

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