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Thread: free period for antipoints

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    free period for antipoints

    I know this has been stated before, but in view of the recent rash of new users to this site, I feel it may be an appropriate time to bring it up again:

    Since many newbies to this site often have not read the FAQ or are not quite familiar with our customs by the time they make their first post or thread, and are frequently negged heavily (to the point of banning) because of this, I propose an x post (or x time after first post) "free period". This would help to establish them with a post history so we could better judge them, and allow them to get familiar with the FAQ/customs before they are put through hell for not following them (kind of like children are eased on legally, and let's admit it: the AO system acts like a community jury (though some have more weight than others)).

    If you don't quite get what I'm talking about, look at some of the newbie first posts over the past five weeks and then read this again. You'll find that these newbies quickly change if given the chance, and some are banned for obvious newbie mistakes. Further, "read the FAQ" is quite often mentioned, and that is when the newbie first reads it.
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    This could be easily abused -- giving new accounts made by recently/close to being banned users AP immunity is like giving a psychopath a gun in my opinion. Excuse my cynicism, but i assure you it will end in tears

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    I have to admit Kezil, I'm with Abtronic on this one.... especially now that there is a warning that takes up half the screen about what to expect from AO and what is expected from newbies before signing up. It's not like this screen is hidden in the FAQ's or anything either - it's right in your face. You can only go so far and if someone can't be bothered to read the first half page before they join well I can only say that they deserve to be pulled up on it (although getting negged to the point of being banned for a minor indescretions is a bit harsh). Having said that I think people should put more explanation into their comments bit of an AP assignment indicating why the newbie is getting negged.... maybe they'll learn something

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