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Thread: release your neg ap's here

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    release your neg ap's here

    you ever notice you can only give so many pos ap's until you have to give out negs. put em here pal

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    Ha, you should have posted this over in the "tech humor" forum. AO can produce a good laugh in the strangest ways some times.

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    I bet this guy will end up having tons of greenies in the end.

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    I wonder which member this was in the past? lol funny name this should go in Tect humor .

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    well......... let me see here........ nope not good enough. the status of this thread is currently even. come on!!!! every one has neg ap's to give out and i don't care. load me up

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    Perhaps if you could explain why you want them so bad it would work better.
    I mean you can't hang them above your bed or something and you don't get discounts on anti-burgers with negs.

    Please explain.

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    really just to see how many negs you can get before you are banned. i guess i did it all wrong cause i put it in the proper place and i didn't curse. I like this site though and i don't want to fill up the purposeful forums with useless threads


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    interesting piece of psychology for ya: Many people will punish, but will not do it to those that ask for it, no matter how much they like/hate them. Cop-assisted suicide is an example of this in law enforcement. We will not kill someone who wants us to, but we will someone who doesn't. Another, less extreme, but still judicially related, are those that would prefer to stay in jail -- we don't let them, and they often perform another criminal act to get in, while those who want out often don't get their first chance at parole. One reason for this is the suspicion that builds up when people do things like that, the question comes up as to why they would want it, and we wonder if there aren't any alterior motives.

    And since you seem so desperate (and I am so out of balance) have a load. If we do this right, we could keep you as the AO antipoint vent (those that are too low, give pos, those too high, give neg, might balance)

    Oh, and of course, thanks.


    hmm...just noticed that you are performing a test...trying to get the quickest ban? see psychological effects like above? Tell us, we would love to know.
    Preliminary operational tests were inconclusive (the dang thing blew up)

    \"Ask not what the kernel can do for you, ask what you can do for the kernel!\"

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    and to let people get rid of neg ap's so that they can give out pos ap's

    wurx for me. anyway....... i know you have to know that i have another account here and i needed to dump some negs. i just can't give negs out to someone who i think dosen't deserve it yet i like to give pos to those do. i just find alot more of those who do than don't.

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    You don't need to balance your AP's you know. ( this was said before this week)
    Just put up with the message and the fact that your positives will have less impact.
    You can browse the forum and see post that deserve to be negged.
    That said you could have chosen a more subtile way to do this.

    Ask in a smart way how to hack hotmail and you will get autonegged in some sort of fashion.
    Then another thing. You can only assign points to the same user once every somany points you give out. So to balance your own account this is not the smartest way.

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