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Thread: A Spammer may get Jail Time

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    Post A Spammer may get Jail Time

    I did not know where to post this.....

    A grand jury has now indicted 36-year old Howard Carmack. 'The Buffalo Spammer' faces 12 years behind bars if convicted on all counts. Carmack walked into Erie County Court this afternoon for arraignment on the grand jury charges. He remains a free man on a $20,000 bond.

    This is believed to be the first case in judicial history to prosecute someone on charges stemming from sending out too many mass marketing emails, known as "spam."

    It's also the first case in state history involving New York's new identity theft laws.


    Video is available!!!
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    Maybe the spammers will start slowing down if this guy gets convicted. Spam is one of the most annoying things you could probaly get in your email. I'll have to keep and eye on this to see what happens.

    [edit]also General chit chat would of been a good place for this post[/edit]

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    Personally I believe all spammers should be taken outside and shot. This rule applies to people who forward emails (emails forwarded more than once). Lets not forget those bastards who use the net send spam or messenger spam. Either way if you spam you should be shot plain and simple.
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    NET SEND!! gahh, i hate this and i want it to die (when its used for spamming purposes anyways). Anyone ever been programming or something while not looking at the screen, only to realize that the last 2 minutes of work went to waste as the popup was hogging the focus? PAIN EVIL PAIN PAIN AIEEE </anguish>

    *phew*. anyways, is there any action that can be taken against someone for repeatedly using net send, or is it one of those annoying loopholes?


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    Thats what i've been waited .. damn spammers must jail for years ( or shot straight on their balls ) .. i hate spam and this is realy good news. Thanks for the infromation mate.
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