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Thread: My CD-ROM Problem...

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    My CD-ROM Problem...

    After I installed FIFA 2003 through Aopen CD-ROM, but it's cannot played through another CD-ROM, message pop-up "Please insert disc 2", but if I insert the CD on Aopen CD-ROM where I was Installed the game...there is nothing at all..


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    it didn't seem the problem from ur CD-ROM mate ... i ever had same problem either long time ago but not when i installed FIFA but i think it has same problem.
    It showed up "Please Insert Disc 2 " and i have no more CD on the CD pack .. so i remove it and go back to the shop and then i realized that in the CD cover it said "Disk 1" and no disc 2 in my CD pack. hahahahha funny story eh ... so perhaps u better ask ur friend or the shop where u bough the CD about the CD number 2.
    and perhaps what Specialist said was right about your dual CD-R&RW.

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    Sorry shadow_dancer, I couldn't decide what to post plus I didn't fully understand the question. Anyways If you have dual CD drives like a CD/rw and another drive like a DVD-rom then use disk1 in the CD-rom then after disk1 is done take it out and put disk2 where you placed disk1... so don't try puting both disks into both drives at the same time just take disk1 out when its done and then put disk2 in where disk1 was.

    If the game is haveing trouble automaticly running then you'll probably need to click 'my computer' and look for the game's .exe file. Also remember that you'll usually need one of the disks to play it after the install.

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    JohnHACK ,

    is this problem anything to do with your other thread regarding problems with one of your cd-rom's not recognising disks? the one titled Windows XP SP1 Pro Problem..... (the link is to page 1)..

    if so.. it may be a good idea to delete this thread and continue posting in the other thread.. this request is not because I am a egotistical meglomaniac facist pig (which I am anyway and I kant spell), but because there are PPL who are/will having similar problems who would appreciate following this problem through to it's conclusion

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    see mr.u bought a pirated fifa cd,i know that..jus right click on the cd after itis inserted and open through the poen command and u will find crack there,just copy to the folder where it has been copied and activate the crack ,now there will no display of the message

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