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Thread: PKI basics - Must read

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    PKI basics - Must read

    An other paper from earthweb (definitly a good networking site!).
    I found it very interesting as a good introduction to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
    It may interest some AO around...

    full article here
    Understanding PKI

    You don't need to be an expert in encryption to deploy PKI in your operation, but there are a few key concepts and components to understand. PKI is a powerful technology that employs cryptography to provide two important capabilities, privacy and authentication. The cryptographic procedures, or algorithms, use two keys to encrypt information. This is called asymmetric cryptography. Compared with conventional (symmetric) cryptography, which uses only one key, it is easier to distribute keys, making PKI much simpler and more practical to deploy.
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    i have been working on the DSA certificate chain creation.i need to create a chain without the dsa parameters, which has to be inherited from the signer.i am not able to find any procedure to perform the above given.kindly give me a reply soon.i am working with openssl commands.is there any command to do the above given.

    thanking You in advance

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    OpenSSL dsa command(s)

    dsa commad to modify DSA private keys or examine thier contents.
    dsa <enter> dumps usage.
    also see dsaparam command
    Andy Bentley

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