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Thread: blank folders

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    Unhappy blank folders

    Hi. I got hacked running XP pro and they left a folder that appears unnamed and then place their folder and garbage under that unnamed folder. Now I can't delete it. Can someone please steer me in the direction of a method for removing and protecting against this in the future?

    Randy Santarius
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    The folder may not be actually unnamed but named with a character that isn't recognized by windows. You need to go into DOS mode to get the exact character and rename the folder there and then you will be able to delete that folder.

    As for how XP supports or allows access to dos I don't know if they do, because I don't mess with that OS.

    Also I think somwhere in XP it allows remote access to your PC, you may want to turn that off and if you can get your hands on a firewall do that also to protect yourself in the future.

    I hope that helps....

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    If you are still not able to delete some files in the folder do this :

    Right-Click on the file(s) that are un-deletable.
    Open with....Notepad- or wordpad depending on the size.
    Control + A -------> Delete Button -------->Save--------> Delete File
    Rinse. Repeat.

    The reason this works is because, any file permissions the file used to have, have now been completely abolished. God Speed son.

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    For what i read i think your computer has enabled C$ and ADMIN$(administratives shares) Windows Xp Pro has them enable by default, i recommend Updating your system goto Windows update. They have a patch for this i don't remember the number but they have one.

    Because if you go to C:\ and click on properties you will see a tab that says sharing it would say that you are not sharing you local Disk but you are.
    Download the updates and get a scanner like LANGuard or any other that you migth like to check if you are sharing or not, i also recommend a firewall if you dont have one.

    If you need help or anything else you can send me a PM, i would try to get back to you ASAP

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